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These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, the "Conditions") regulate the provision of the service by MUSURE SAS

MUSURE SAS reserves the right to modify these Terms y  Conditions at any time, and the current version will be available at


MUSURE SAS:It is a company formed according to the laws of the Argentine Republic, domiciled in La Plata, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

MUSIC:Online platform based on the "play to earn" logic owned by MUSURE SAS

Platform:Refers to the website and/or web or mobile application that can be accessed via the URLwww.musure.worldor by downloading the application through the different systems that exist (playStore). 

User Person/s:Natural person(s) who have/have accepted these Terms and Conditions and who use/n the services of the Platform from their personal account. 



MUSURE SAS is the owner of all intellectual property rights in relation to MUSURE, including domain name, web platform, mobile app, the NFTs available on the platform, software in source and object code versions, data compilations, and any other future developments

MUSURE Content: MUSURE SAS is the owner of all intellectual property rights in relation to the designs of the boards, pieces, and all the elements available for the customization of profiles such as avatars, frames, etc. (MUSURE Content).


MUSURE SAS authorizes the reproduction by any digital or analog means of the MUSURE Content, provided that said reproduction is limited to expressing the opinions of the Users in relation to the platform and/or the experience of the Users.

This license will be automatically revocable if for any reason illegal, immoral, humiliating content is published, that affects morality, good customs, or that in any way could affect the rights of MUSURE  or third parties.

MUSURE  does not guarantee the verisimilitude or credibility of any content or information made available to the public by Users, nor does it necessarily support the opinions expressed by them. 

Except with the express consent of MUSURE, the User may not, directly or indirectly, use the trademark  “MUSURE” in connection with any service or event, whether online or offline, onerous or free, that are not those specifically communicated and offered from the platforms and/or official profiles on social networks ofwww.musure.worldand/or “MUSURE”. 

License for the Use of content generated by Users: the User hereby assigns to MUSURE a free, perpetual and irrevocable license to reproduce the content shared by the User on social networks and/or in any medium when said content incorporates or reproduce any of the MUSURE Content.

This license implies a general authorization that MUSURE grants to all its Users, regardless of their participation in the creation and management of the MUSURE Contents.

Content Creators and/or influencers (referred to as MUSURE Verified Creators) who wish to participate in the creation and/or marketing of exclusive and unique MUSURE Content, represented by NFT, may in turn be licensees of a "MUSURE License" in accordance It is established in chapter V of these terms and conditions.



The User must create a personal account on the platform before being able to access it. To create a personal account or “profile”, there are two options: login using a Gmail account, or login using a Facebook account.

Learn more about  Login with Facebook

Learn more about Sign in with Google

The User Person guarantees: (i) all the information provided must be true, accurate, complete and current; (ii) keep the information you provide to MUSURE updated; (iii) have the legal capacity to accept these Terms and Conditions. 

User Person under 18 years of age: Any User under 18 years of age must have the authorization of their parent, guardian or legal representative at the time of accepting these Terms and Conditions and creating a Personal Account. The use of the platform by a User under 18 years of age is the sole responsibility of their parent, guardian or legal representative.


When accessing the platform for the first time, the User will be able to generate access credentials to the platform using a User name and a password. The User accepts and acknowledges that they are the sole custodian of the password chosen to access and/or use the services of MUSURE, for which they are solely responsible for keeping it. In the event that it is lost or stolen, theUser must notify MUSURE immediatelysending an email to the addresswww.musure.worldwith the subject: 'password loss or theft' so that MUSURE proceeds to block it (See III D). 

MUSURE will not be responsible for any damages that may be caused as a result of the loss or theft of the password. The User Person shall be solely responsible for controlling their own Account Access, and the User Person shall be solely responsible for any interaction made while using their Account Access.


The User Person will not use the Platform to participate in the following acts, or any other act that can be categorized as such:

Yo. Acts that violate applicable laws and regulations, public policies or the Terms and Conditions.
ii. Criminal acts, conduct leading to criminal acts, or conduct in furtherance of such acts.
iii. Systematically collect information related to the Users or the Platform without the express consent of MUSURE SAS
IV. Use automated mechanisms to interact with the platform, whether through scripts, data mining software, data extraction software, to execute specific functions within the Platform and/or to send messages or any other type of interaction on the Platform.
v. Use the Platform to advertise goods and/or services, except those expressly authorized by these Terms and Conditions.
saw. Market access credentials and/or profiles within the Platform.
vii. Publish information that is harmful to children and/or adolescents.
viii. Post content that defames, slanders or insults a third party, or content that damages the reputation or credibility of a third party.
ix. Post expressions that lead to discrimination, whether based on race, ethnicity, gender, creed, social status, place of residence, physical characteristics, medical history, education, or other;
x. Infringe the intellectual property rights of MUSURE or a third party;
xi. Carry out reverse engineering efforts of the software  used in the Platform;
xii. Use computerized and/or automated assistants to develop strategies that could potentially lead to an unfair advantage in competition between Users.
xiii. Any other conduct that MUSURE determines inappropriate for the User community.


MUSURE may block access to an account when:

Yo. The account registers suspicious activity, which suggests that the User may be making use of computerized and/or automated means to obtain an advantage that involves unfair competition.
ii. The User uses offensive, insulting vocabulary, or that in any way could affect the community of Users, in accordance with the provisions of the Prohibited Conduct section of these Terms and Conditions.
iii. The User uses the account to plan or carry out conduct that infringes the rights of MUSURE, or to carry out advertising campaigns for goods or services without authorization, in accordance with the provisions of the Prohibited Conduct section of these Terms and Conditions.
IV. The User participates in any of the other Prohibited Conducts according to section III C of these Terms and Conditions.
v. The account registers activity that suggests that it is operated by a User who is the holder of an account previously closed by MUSURE, as established in these Terms and Conditions.
saw. The User notifies MUSURE that they have suffered the loss or confidentiality of their access credentials or password (See III B).
vii. The blocking of an account will be revocable to the extent that the User provides the information and/or data necessary to reverse this decision.

Reconsideration mechanism:

Yo. In the event that a User suffers a blockage in access to their account, MUSURE will send notification of said action to the User using the data provided by the same when creating an account on the Platform (See III A).
ii. The notification will include a case reference number, and a brief description of the reason why MUSURE blocked access to said account.
iii. The User may submit an appeal to such decision within a period of 3 days, which must be sent, indicating in the subject line the reference number given in the notification sent by MUSURE.
IV. MUSURE will resolve whether to restore access to the account or proceed to close it within a period not exceeding 20 days.
v. MUSURE will send the User, using the mechanisms described above, notification of its final decision when it decides to restore access. If there is no express decision of MUSURE within that period, it will be interpreted that the closure of the same is confirmed.

MUSURE will proceed to close an account when:

Yo. The User has not requested a review of MUSURE's decision to block their account as established in the previous paragraph, and when the User has even requested such a review but their response has not been clarifying or justifying the reason communicated by MUSURE in notification sent in a timely manner.
ii. The User has violated these Terms and Conditions.
iii. The User has participated in any of the prohibited behaviors listed in section III .C.
IV. The User does not provide information and/or data that allows MUSURE to rule out the possibility that it is operated by a User already registered to an account that has suffered some type of sanction.
v. Closing an account is irrevocable, and prohibits the User from creating a new account on MUSURE.



MUSURE uses tokens that represent virtual assets within the game, whose ownership and transferability is governed by the clauses of these terms and conditions of use, as well as their future modifications.

The creation and issuance of the tokens is carried out through the use of Smart Contracts implemented in the Binance Smart Chain network.
The issuer of the Tokens will be MUSURE SAS, who may issue and transfer them according to the conditions established in this document.


Any acquisition of Tokens by the User from the Platform or external markets will be carried out through smart contracts on the Blokchain of the Binance Smart Chain network using a digital wallet. 

The transactions that the User carries out with MUSURE will be through the 

In order to carry out any transaction, the User will have an account, which will be linked to your Account. Each User will have a virtual wallet exclusively owned by MUSURE associated with said account, where the payments that the User makes from their own virtual wallet will be received. 

The User is solely responsible for the custody of the access credentials (See II. B. Password creation and custody), and must not share their passwords with third parties. MUSURE does not have the ability to reverse any transaction that the User has made through the use of smart contracts.

It is possible that the Binance Smart Chain network collects a fee for each transaction that the User carries out, as well as commissions for the use of the smart contracts of the network. The User Person acknowledges and accepts the fees and commissions that Binance Smart Chain applies.


MUSURE uses different types of cryptographic tokens to represent virtual assets with different characteristics and functionalities.

1st NFT's

They are tokens that represent a unique and unrepeatable virtual asset (non-fungible tokens). They are identified as Token ERC721 (BEP721) on the Binance Smart Chain.

Ownership of the NFT grants the User the right to use it on the platform, of…..

The NFT may be transferred by the User to third parties once MUSURE enables said option. In this case, the User assumes sole responsibility for the transaction, with MUSURE lacking any intervention in the operation. 

The User acknowledges that the NFTs represent digital assets on the Binance Smart Chain, and that they are not backed by physical assets. 


The $MUSURE token is a token that represents a fungible virtual asset. They are identified as Token ERC20 (BEP20) on the Binance Smart Chain. There is no emission limit by MUSURE. 

MUSURE will determine the amount of TOKEN $MUSURE that must be used to carry out the various activities or acquisitions on the Platform (Seewhite paper). Each User will have the right to be rewarded with a certain amount of TOKEN $MUSURE for each xxxxxxxxxxxx, which will be established by MUSURE.

The User acknowledges that the $MUSURE TOKEN represents digital assets on the Binance Smart Chain, and that they are not backed by physical assets.


Yo. When the User wishes to acquire Tokens (NFT or $MUSURE), they must transfer crypto assets authorized by MUSURE (USDT and BUSD through the Binance Smart Chain) to the virtual wallet owned by MUSURE that is linked to the User.

MUSURE will credit the User Person credit to his account inwww.musure.worldwithin the hour of the transfer of crypto assets by the User (provided there are no delays attributable to the network), which may be used to acquire Tokens. 

ii. The Tokens may be used within the game according to the functions assigned to them (Seewhite paper) or the User may transfer them out of the MUSURE platform, when this option is enabled by MUSURE. 

The fact of transferring or negotiating the TOKEN outside the sitewww.musure.worldIt automatically implies the release of MUSURE from any responsibility, since the User assumes exclusively and personally all risk or consequence of transferring or negotiating the Tokens outside the platform managed by MUSURE. 

iii. The User Person will be solely responsible for the transactions carried out with the Tokens that have been acquired, MUSURE SAS not having control over the operations carried out. By virtue of the foregoing, it is expressly clarified that the company does not have the ability to stop or reverse any transaction that the User has made, the User being solely responsible for the operations carried out, whether inside or outside the platforms managed or used by the company.

MUSURE will not be responsible for any error of the User in the designation of destination wallets and the amounts transferred. The User assumes full responsibility, knowing that the operation is irrevocable.

IV. MUSURE will only be responsible for the fulfillment of the contract that it has entered into directly with the User, not for the remaining operations carried out with the Tokens in which it does not intervene. In particular, it will not be responsible for the offers to an indeterminate public that are made of the Tokens on sites that were not managed by MUSURE. It will not have any responsibility in relation to secondary markets in which the Tokens could be offered, as well as the value they could have, or the way in which they were offered and traded by third parties.

v. It is made clear that the Tokens are not supported by physical goods, and serve only for the functions detailed here, MUSURE will have no responsibility for price variations on cryptoactive trading platforms or in any market, assuming the User who has arranged its sale or purchase on said platforms bears all risk of depreciation, expressly assuming that said markets are subject to great risks.

saw. The User will be solely and exclusively responsible for the payment of all taxes, fees, contributions or tariffs in force to date and those that will be created in the future (except taxes on the net income of MUSURE), which directly or indirectly could tax the operations carried out inside or outside the platform with the Tokens or for the use of the Platform and/or Application. In particular and if applicable according to current laws in the country of origin, VAT, customs duties for import or export, or any other tax.

The User must pay MUSURE the aforementioned taxes in accordance with the terms, deadlines and regulations that regulate their perception. MUSURE may withhold from the account of the User the amounts that are necessary for the payment of the taxes that are in their charge. If they are insufficient, the User must prove in favor of MUSURE the amounts necessary to cover the tax.



The terms defined below will have the meaning given to them here, without prejudice to the common use that could be given to them:

NFT:It refers to a “Non Fungible Token”, that is, a unique token or series of unique tokens based on Blockchain technology, which represent a digital object. For the purposes of this section, any NFT traded on the MUSURE Platform or other platforms but related to MUSURE Content will only be generated by MUSURE. 

CREATOR:All Users can be creators in MUSURE using the design tools that MUSURE makes available. The resulting creations can only be represented in NFT through the NFT Minting Service. 

VERIFIED CREATOR:Human or legal person who participates in the creation and/or commercialization of MUSURE Content and who has requested and obtained verification by MUSURE in accordance with the procedure established in this section. The Verified Creator means a person who participates in a specific community that MUSURE considers relevant for the promotion and growth of the Platform.

PRO CREATION:digital content of the type and quality that MUSURE considers relevant to be incorporated into the Platform, and/or that, in accordance with this section, will be represented as NFT as part of the MUSURE content library to be marketed either by MUSURE and/or or of a Creator. Pro Content may be generated by a Creator either as a result of participating in a Creator Quest, requesting the NFT Minting Service, or agreeing with MUSURE directly. 

NFT MINT SERVICE:Service offered by MUSURE to its Users who wish to represent a Pro Creation in NFT, to be part of the MUSURE Content library.

CREATOR VERIFICATION:Process by which MUSURE requests information from the Creator in order to corroborate their identity and their experience in the development of digital products relevant to MUSURE. 

CREATOR QUEST:Process by which MUSURE rewards creativity and originality in content submitted to the Creator Quest, granting it the quality of Pro Content. Each CREATOR QUEST will be subject to the terms included in its communication and to these terms and conditions._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


The Verified Creator will need to complete this form and indicate in this same opportunity your intention to belong to the community of creators MUSURE. 

MUSURE will evaluate the opportunity and experience of the potential Verified Creator  and will make its resolution known within a period not exceeding 7 days. In the event that MUSURE verifies the Verified Creator, the latter will receive a notification informing of said resolution. If MUSURE requires it, it may request additional information for the purposes of this process. If MUSURE does not grant the requested verification, the Creator may require a second analysis of your request, which will be subject to the same terms as those expressed above. 


  1. Verified Creator: There are two mechanisms for participating in the MUSURE Verified Creator Community. First, a Verified Creator can be selected to participate in said community based on their involvement in one or more communities that MUSURE considers relevant to the promotion and growth of the Platform, regardless of their ability to generate MUSURE Content. In this sense, a Verified Creator may not generate MUSURE Content, but may be awarded one or more NFTs generated by MUSURE to be marketed as established in subsection C of this section.

  2. Pro Creation: MUSURE will establish the design parameters that the Pro Creation must observe at all times to be incorporated into the set of MUSURE Contents. In this sense, MUSURE directs and supervises the Creation process and/or the final result or results that are considered Pro Creation, for their subsequent representation as NFT and as MUSURE Content. 

  3. Generation of NFT: Regardless of whether it is a Verified Creator and/or a Pro Creator, who generates a MUSURE Content, the final results may be represented in NFT. MUSURE will be the only one that can generate said representation in NFT, in the amount that has been agreed with the Verified Creator and/or Pro, being totally prohibited for them the possibility of generating NFT from the final result obtained. It is recalled that the ownership of all the intellectual property rights of the objects that are displayed and/or accessed and/or related to the Platform belong to MUSURE.

  4. In this sense, MUSURE will generate the smart contracts that give rise to said NFTs and that must include for such purposes a right to replicate or follow up on successive sales (known as "Droit de Suite") in order to guarantee the percentages that are established in the section “MARKETING OF NFT”.  

  5. Prohibited Content: Any representation of content that is discriminatory, incites violence or disturbs public order is prohibited. MUSURE reserves the right to remove any content that may be offensive to the MUSURE community or the general public.

  6. MUSURE rates for this service can be consulted at


The parties assume the following obligations:

1. Verified Creator: 

  • MUSURE will make the 3D templates available to the Content Creator and, in general, any other element that allows the direction and/or guide and/or content creation requirements.

  • MUSURE will generate the NFT(s) resulting from the collaboration with the Verified Creator and in the event that the latter has developed a MUSURE Content from the address and 3D MUSURE template under the conditions agreed with the Verified Creator.  

  • In the event that the Verified Creator only participates in the commercialization of the final result (NFT), MUSURE will make the generated NFTs available so that the Verified Creator can carry out their commercialization._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

  • The Verified Creator undertakes to make its best expertise, knowledge and experience available for the creation and/or marketing of content. 

  • The Verified Creator will refrain from making public comments that threaten the normal commercial exploitation of the NFTs generated by MUSURE, whether the Verified Creator has participated in their creation based on the guide and 3D templates provided by MUSURE, or whether it is only dedicated to the commercialization of the NFT generated by MUSURE. 

2. Creation Pro: 

  • MUSURE will make available to the Creator the 3D templates and in general any other element that allows the direction and/or guide and/or Pro creation requirements of the contents.

  • MUSURE will generate the NFT(s) resulting from the collaboration with the Creator from the 3D MUSURE address and template.

  • For its part, the Creator undertakes to make its best expertise, knowledge and experience available to the Pro creation of MUSURE content.

  • The Creator guarantees that the final result of its creation does not incur in infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties. The Creator undertakes to hold MUSURE harmless from any claim that may arise for this or any other reason as established in the subsection of these terms and conditions.


MUSURE is the owner of all intellectual property rights over the MUSURE video game and the MUSURE platform, including the brand name "MUSURE", its logo, and/or any other distinctive sign that refers to MUSURE._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

CREATOR hereby assigns to MUSURE all intellectual property rights that may arise from the creation of MUSURE Content by Creator. The Creator recognizes in turn that the obtained result(s) could not have been achieved without the elements and direction that MUSURE makes available to its Users.


By obtaining the status of Creator and/or being summoned as a result of a Creator Quest, the User will obtain from MUSURE a non-exclusive, free and revocable license to use the 3D templates that serve as a context to carry out the design of new content MUSURE. This license will be perfected with the sending by MUSURE of the 3D templates that it considers necessary so that the Verified Creator can carry out its development. At the same time, the Verified Creator, as a licensee, may only use said templates to the extent and for the purposes authorized by MUSURE, that is, it may only be limited to the design and/or development of relevant content for the Platform and will be subject to MUSURE's guidance and direction for this. 

UNILATERAL TERMINATION OF THE LICENSE: MUSURE may revoke this license at any time, and without the obligation to justify said resolution, and must notify the Verified Creator when it has so decided. Once the unilateral termination by MUSURE has been communicated,   any possibility of collaboration in the development of MUSURE Content will be prohibited, and MUSURE will have to return the work it has done up to now.


The MUSURE Content will be marketed in the MUSURE marketplace, accessible on the, and in any other existing marketplace where MUSURE considers relevant and appropriate. 

1. Verified Creator: The Verified Creator may participate and manage the commercialization of the NFT generated by MUSURE in accordance with the scheme described below. First, the amount of NFT to be generated by MUSURE (one or more) and the percentages and/or NFT to be distributed between the Verified Creator and MUSURE will be resolved between MUSURE and the Verified Creator in an agreement independent of these Conditions. . Once agreed and made available, the NFTs may be marketed by MUSURE and/or by the Verified Creator, always observing:

  • The Verified Creator will have the right to market the NFTs that correspond to them as agreed with MUSURE, in the marketplace of their choice and by virtue of their membership in the community that MUSURE has considered relevant for the promotion and growth of the Platform._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • Sales management: The Verified Creator must render an account of the operations carried out to MUSURE, having the right to receive ninety-five percent (95%) of the result obtained from the commercialization. The Verified Creator must comply with the obligation to render accounts to MUSURE within the following 10 days after the sale has been made. The Verified Creator, in case of having sold the NFT in a marketplace other than MUSURE, will charge the commission percentages that said marketplace establishes for the operations that use its services. 

  • From the subsequent operations carried out on the NFT generated by MUSURE, which will be in charge of the eventual holder of the NFT (see NFT GENERATION), MUSURE and the Verified Creator will obtain a five percent (5%) each of commission of the gross price actually transacted for each sale. 

2. Pro Creation: The amount of NFT to be generated (one or more) and the percentages and/or NFT to be distributed between the Pro Creator and MUSURE will be agreed between MUSURE and the Verified Creator in an agreement independent of these Conditions. . Once agreed and made available, the NFTs may only be marketed by MUSURE, who in exchange for the participation of the Verified Creator will recognize the following percentages of the results obtained: 

  • Of the result of the commercialization carried out by MUSURE, 5% of the gross will correspond to the Verified Creator. 

  • From the subsequent operations carried out on the NFT generated by MUSURE, at the expense of the eventual owner of the NFT, MUSURE and the Verified Creator will obtain a 5% commission of the gross price actually transacted. 


The Verified Content Creator guarantees that the elements that it incorporates into its MUSURE Content generation process corresponds to a legitimate expression of its authorship. In turn, it will hold MUSURE harmless from any claim that may arise from the reproduction, distribution, display to the public and, in general, any other use of the MUSURE Content generated by the Content Creator.


MUSURE may at any time control the correct fulfillment of the present and for this purpose request the Creator information and/or documentation related to its creation process, its organizational structure, the personnel it uses for the creation of MUSURE Content and/or for the commercialization thereof, as well as any other information deemed necessary for these purposes.


The Creator expressly states that it turns out to be completely independent, with no subordinate relationship whatsoever with MUSURE. Consequently, it will be responsible for its own staff, if any, keeping MUSURE completely harmless for any claim of this nature that it may have to face. Likewise, it will be exclusively responsible for the damages caused directly, or by the personnel under its charge, in compliance with the obligations that arise from this section, either against the other party or against third parties.



The Creator will be responsible for the taxes, rates and contributions, fiscal, including those of a social security and professional nature whose payment corresponds as a result of the obligations assumed in the second clause of this agreement.

For its part, MUSURE will be responsible for all taxes, fees and fiscal or extra-fiscal contributions derived from its activity.


The dynamics of the game are updated in


This site uses and protects the data provided by the Users in accordance with current law and standards of good international practices in data protection. MUSURE is committed to the security of the data of its Users, keeping due reserve and confidentiality. When the system requests to fill in the personal data fields necessary for the creation of a User Person account, it does so by ensuring that said data is only used in accordance with the terms herein. However, this Privacy Policy may change over time or be updated.

The following types of data (hereinafter "collected data") may be stored and processed by the system:

Yo. Data that were necessary to generate a personal account on the site, Full Name and Email.

ii. Data about your computer, including IP address and geographic location. 

iii. Data about your visits and use of the system.

IV. Data you enter to subscribe to our emails and newsletters, such as name and email. 

v. Data generated while browsing our website. 

saw. User Name, avatar, age, gender, area of residence, email address.

vii. Electronic wallet number of the User.


From MUSURE, we will take all reasonable technical and organizational precautions in order to avoid the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. However, you acknowledge that data transmission over the Internet is inherently insecure and its security cannot be guaranteed. 

If requested, the User will receive all the information collected and stored by MUSURE. Said request must be accompanied by sufficient proof of identity. For more information about the scope of the aforementioned, or the process described, you should contact the following email: using the subject: 'Personal data'. 



The data collected may be used for any or all of the purposes described below:

Yo. Manage the system, including making this data available to our employees, officers, suppliers, among others, as reasonable and necessary as stipulated in these terms and conditions.

ii. Improve the service offer.

iii. Send advertising communication, notifications, or any other type of information.

IV. Send suggestions to improve the functionalities of the product (which may be, depending on the case, suggestions free of charge, or with charge).

v. Provide statistical information to third parties about our Users, having first correctly dissociated the personal information.

saw. Verify compliance with these terms and conditions.

vii. Other uses not provided for by this statement.


In the event of a competent judicial request or on the occasion of a situation that justifies it, we may disclose your personal data to the extent required by law. This includes cases where said publication is made for the purpose of safeguarding and exercising the rights of MUSURE. 

The data collected, stored and processed for any of the aforementioned purposes will be deleted after a maximum of 2 years have elapsed since the User has canceled his subscription to the system.


Yo. The User acknowledges and accepts that MUSURE is owned by MUSURE SAS and that its shareholders limit their liability to the integration of the subscribed capital, not assuming any liability in excess of said contribution.

ii. The company will not be responsible for any damage that the User generates to third parties through the use of the Platform or the Tokens. Nor will it be responsible for criminal conduct attributable to the User.

The use of MUSURE, the Tokens and other platform services is conditional on the User complying with all applicable legal regulations. 

iii. The company does not assume any responsibility in relation to property damage that the User may suffer due to the transactions carried out with the Tokens with respect to third parties. The fact of transferring the Tokens outside the platform managed by MUSURE exempts the latter from any responsibility related to the transactions it carries out.

IV. It is expressly clarified that MUSURE does not have the possibility to revoke or stop the execution of smart contracts. Nor does it have the possibility of correcting errors that the User may have made when identifying destination virtual wallets, or errors in quantities or amounts. 

v. The Tokens do not have a physical backup. If they are traded by the User on any platform, the company is not responsible for variations in their value. The User expressly assumes that the negotiation of tokens is subject to great volatility in its price, for which the User assumes any risk in this regard.

vi. The company will not be responsible for any damage that does not have an immediate causal relationship with its direct action, being expressly excluded the responsibility for the mediate consequences (whatever their type) and remote.


The User expressly acknowledges that:

Yo. The prices of assets that are registered and traded on the Blockchain are particularly volatile.

ii. The value of the Tokens may fluctuate widely and may even be affected by the fluctuation of other digital assets that are not directly linked to MUSURE.

iii. The company does not guarantee under any circumstances that the MUSURE Tokens or digital assets will maintain their value or that they will not be affected by large fluctuations, even leading to the substantial loss of the acquisition value or its entirety._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

IV. The User will be solely responsible for determining the taxes that are applicable to their transactions.

v. The Platform does not store, send or receive Tokens. They are created and transferred on the Binance Smart Chain. 

saw. There are risks associated with the use of cryptographic tokens, including, but not limited to, the risk of hardware, software, and Internet connections, the risk of introduction of malicious software, and the risk that third parties may gain unauthorized access to information stored on it. her wallet. The company will not be responsible for any communication failures, interruptions, errors, distortions, or delays that you may experience while using Binance Smart Chain.

vii. Changes in the terms of use, updates or technology changes in the Binance Smart Chain may have a negative impact on the price of the Tokens, which is not the responsibility of MUSURE.


The User expressly assumes the duty to leave MUSURE SAS, its directors, associates, subsidiaries, employees and shareholders harmless against any claim that they must face related to the violation by the User of third-party rights, violation of rights of intellectual property, violation of the rules of conduct imposed in the Terms and Conditions.

The User Person must reimburse any expense that MUSURE SAS or the other persons listed may have incurred for compensation, costs, legal fees, legal fees, experts, translators, administrative fees, notary fees, or any other related cost.

Likewise, you must indemnify for any damage caused to the platform with gross negligence or fraud, including compensation for effective damage, loss of profits, loss of chances, and any other compensation item that may correspond.


We are interested in knowing your experience with MUSURE, and that you send us your suggestions. To send feedback, you just have to write us an email to the addresswww.musure.worldwith the subject 'Feedback'.


Yo. For the resolution of any claim or conflict, the User must first try the friendly resolution with MUSURE. For these purposes, you must send your claim in writing to the, indicating: your claim in detail and what is intended in positive terms, full name and surname, type and number of document, exact address of residence, telephone and email. MUSURE will have 30 days to analyze the claim and provide a response to the User. 

ii. If the amicable resolution of the claim or conflict fails, the parties agree that the ordinary courts with jurisdiction in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be competent to understand in the judicial instance, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond.

iii. The Law of the Argentine Republic will be applicable to these Terms and Conditions, and to the relationship between MUSURE and the User. The direct rules governing internal issues will apply, excluding the rules of conflict and the theory of referral.

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